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New UIs need semantic approache and Open Business Concepts (posted by Fabien Villard)

In the past months I’ve seen amazing demos of futur UI devices that are studied and prototyped in labs. The last one was this one, very impressive because it mimics nearly exactly the UI found in the movie Minority Report which became a must-have for a lot of geeks *and* non-geeks. This one is [...]

About Sir Ken Robinson talk “Bring on the learning revolution!” (posted by Fabien Villard)

An amazing, and funny, TED talk from Feb 2010 “Innovation is hard because it means doing something that people don’t find very easy for the most part. It means challenging what we take for granted, things that we think are obvious. The great problem for reform or transformation is the tirany of common sense. [...] [...]

Innovation warning (posted by Fabien Villard)

This is just a quick note about a dreadful news: IT business is running short of trigrams. Trigrams are those nasty special words made of the three capital letters of some difficult to understand expression we traditionally use to attract interests in a new Graal. Running short of such beasts is a nightmar because without [...]