Raw data may not be enough (posted by Fabien Villard)

A very interesting thought about mental models in companies and administrations :

In all cases depicted by the author, raw data are important, either as a starting point or as a final concern. This is also related to the huge growth a volumes available from the inside and from the outside. Today some amazing ideas come from smart people using raw data. A lot of those ideas need to merge data with unknown semantics coming from different sources. The result may be awesome, but remains a one shot deal because its semantic value is also undescribed.

This is were semantic modeling brings a powerfull tool. By giving a rigorous semantic sense to both input data and output results, a lot of cross-references can be discovered and this leverages the initial work.

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    Yes. Raw data are important in starting your concern. But it’s only a part. There are other things to be added up or develop to attain your goal.

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